Class 2 / Sat June 13

Welcome back!
Critique Homework: Color Wheels
Discuss Color Calibration:
Pantone solution
Video on Monitor & Printer calibration


You should have five photos from the following catagories:

-a fast food restaurant
-streets of SF
-a floral arrangement/flowers
-a human interaction

PROJECT: Sample colors of each photo to generate a palette. Place them side by side, and name each.  Create a second version of your palette that applies Ittens contrast of extension/proportion.


Module 2.2: Digital Color Tools 

Adobe Color CC
Watch video by Erica Gamet (provided by Lara)

PROJECT: Using one of the online resources discussed, create three 4-color palettes to be used as follows:

  • Restaurant identity and interior design for a restaurant
  • Restaurant identity and interior design for the same restaurant, but located in Japan
  • Therapists identity system (print collateral and website)
  • Branding for an energy drink aimed at teensIndicate Dominant, sub-dominant, and highlight color for the palette. Save as a PDF, or screenshots renamed according to the subject.


Module 2.3: Creating Depth

Lecture: Color: Creating Depth


Module 2.4: Color & Branding

Guest Speaker: Erin Gallup, Visual Designer

Video: Aaron Draplin: Color in Logos
Case Study: Foursquare

PROJECT: Create a hypothetical logo (could be a wordmark, or a symbol, or both), and provide a color style guide. Provide multiple color options: required palette and extended palette. Also include a pattern option if applicable.

extended pallet




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